Frases Ocultas en Canciones en Inglés

En el tema Billie Jean de Michael Jackson canta “…but the kid is not my son.”

…o es “quieres una manzana”….?

You decide ;)

Errores Comunes en Inglés

“Eyes blues?” O “blue eyes? ¿Cuántos de estos errors estás cometiendo en inglés?

10 Amigos Falsos

Photos KET students - Ilenia

Hello KET students!

As promised, here are the pictures of our last class together. It was fun being your teacher. I hope you're having a good time with your new teacher.

Lots of love,




Kids Easter Cards

Una tarjeta de Semana Santa hecha por uno de nuestros alumnos más pequeños.

An Introduction to CELTA

An introduction to doing CELTA (Certificate of English Language Teaching for Adults) in IML Granada.

British English - How do you Pronounce Some of London’s Strange Places?

How do you Pronounce Some of London’s Strange Places?

When looking at a map of London, one can get easily confused when it comes time to pronounce some of the strange place names.

So, the folks over at the Londonist have put together a handy card to help you pronounce some of London’s interesting more complicated place names. Now you can sound like a local – even when you’re not!


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