Fat vs puffy

PUFFY /ˈpʌfɪ/ 

1. swollen or bloated

April showers

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April Fools' Day - The very bad Yorkshire joke

The very bad Yorkshire joke

This story is set in Yorkshire – a large county (region) in the north-east of England. People from Yorkshire are famous in the popular imagination for many things – they speak their mind, they are cunning and clever, they are careful with money, they eat lots. They also make good beer. The “typical” Yorkshireman wears a flat cap, has a whippet (a small, thin, fast dog) and loves nothing better than a pint of good Yorkshire ale with his whippet at his feet.

Aim of the activity

• To develop listening and reading practice in a light-hearted way.

• To help develop students’ skills with textual cohesion and coherence.

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