Idioms - To be nuts

Waste vs waist



Do you like baking? Here is a link to a BBC article with recipes for cupcakes (mmmm.....):


Enjoy cooking and enjoy eating them!!! 

Here's a link to a great video which shows you how to make "Sesame Street" cupcakes!


Welcome, spring!

Are you happy spring is here? 

- What are your plans for this spring?

The time of my life!


English expression: "To have the time of your life"

We use the expression "having the time of your life" to talk about experiences that are particularly memorable and enjoyable. 

For example:

- I had the time of my life last year. I went to Ireland and experienced St. Patrick's Day! 

- Thank you for a wonderful evening. I've had the time of my life! 

- I am so excited to be in London. I am having the time of my life here! 

Watch this videoclip of the famous song "THE TIME OF MY LIFE", from the film "Dirty Dancing" (with lyrics!). Click on the link below and enjoy this wonderful song:


Canción: Pharell Williams - Happy

¡Hola a todos y feliz viernes!  Hoy os traigo la canción "Happy" de Pharell Williams.  Si descargáis el archivo adjunto a esta entrada y lo imprimís, se puede hacer un ejercicio de escuchar la canción y rellenar el hueco con la palabra correcta.  ¡A disfrutar y be happy!

Pincha http://www.youtube.com/embed/y6Sxv-sUYtM para ver el video musical.


Un beso,


Los exámenes de la UMA no valdrán para Erasmus

Articulo super interesante y relevante en DiaroSur.es para los que quieren o están pensando acreditar su nivel de inglés en Andalucía.

Si quieres acreditar tu nivel de inglés te pedimos que obtengas un certificado que te valga la pena. Si tienes cualquier pregunta sobre el tema estamos encantados de poder informarte en IML La Zubia.

Knoword - online game


Knoword is a quick thinking game that helps boost vocabulary, spelling, speed of thought, as well as increasing analytical, observational and typing skills.

When you begin, you will be greeted with a single letter. Underneath will be a dictionary definition to a word, which will begin with the letter in the box. Fill in the rest of the word and be rewarded with points and extra time.

The object of the game is to complete as many words as possible. All the definitions are randomly generated and if at any time you get stuck, you can simply click “skip” to receive a new word. After your time has expired you will be given a final score. If you have an account with us, your score will be included on the player ranking system, which you can try to better on your next game.

Play the game here: http://www.knoword.org/

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